Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Oct 29th 2011 Preston turns 8!!

For Preston's birthday we had a big dress up, spooky party. I did a spooky scavenger hunt and asked the wonderful Wilken's twins, Andrea & Alison to come help out. There were 3 teams the twins and Riley each were in charge of a team. Fun was had by all. One of the things the kids got to do was "Bob for apples."

I got a tip from a friend and made the cup cakes in ice cream cones.

Jade, Kein, Wyate, Bo, and Myers were some of the friends who came to Preston's spooky party.

"Red Rover Red Rover Send Bo Right over!"

A great game of musical chairs!

Preston got a bunch wood, tools, and this tool bag from his dad and I. He also got some great tools from his Grandpa Rocky. He is one happy kid! His first project was to build his sister Riley an American Girl Doll bed.

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