Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Costumes

As moms we don't get to call in sick... especially on Halloween Day! I dragged my bum out of bed and got Riley and Preston ready in their costumes. Riley is Ms. Patriotic and Preston is Captain Palmer.

Halloween last year. Pyper is in this picture too... only a couple people knew it though.

Carving Pumpkins

Some things you do just for your kids.... This is one of them. I am sickly so Jon was in charge of the carving last night. Preston commented a couple times that he hates getting his hands dirty. Riley turned it around and made it fun for him. Jon whispered to me he hated getting his hands dirty too and that is why he does not like to carve pumpkins. But I think he enjoyed it no matter what he says!

Preston's Birthday #5

Preston had a little friend party on his bithday, the 29th. We played games and did all of the fun birthday stuff.

He had a ton of treats! Cookies for Pre-school, Cup Cakes for the party and a cake with the family. Claire and Ella look like they are ready to eat a cup cake!

Singing Happy Birthday to Preston.

It looks like Pyper and Riley want to help him out.

Grandma moser gave Preston his gift in this big bag. Preston crawled in it.

This picture of Pyper was taken on Preston's birthday. I could not help but post it. She is laughing with her tongue is always out.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Aunt Laura visits Pyper Laura

My sister Laura came to visit from Washington State for the weekend. She brought Preston an early birthday gift. It was a space ship he got to put together and paint.

The weather was so nice! Laura and I went out for a ride on the scooters.

On Saturday we went out to eat and shopping with my prego sister Emily. Here we are at the Myan. Jon took Riley and Preston camping and out to play with the deer hunters.

It's All About Preston.....

I'm sorry you can't read this poster better. Preston is the star student for pre-school this week because of his birthday. He was telling me the answers for the poster and I was writing them down. When it came to the part for him to fill in the blank for what he wanted to be when he grew up, this is what he said; "I want to be a daddy who spends lots and lots of money and works at a gun shop." Oh my!!

Riley's Reflections entry

I let Riley go out and take pictures and then choose which one she wanted to use for her Reflections Contest at school. She took some great pictures. This is the one she chose.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Pyper’s tongue

I was putting Pyper in the her car seat this morning. She started to talk while sticking out her tongue. (Her new favorite thing) It's very cute.

The Blessing Day

Grandma Moser also made her beautiful bracelet.

Grandma Patsi with Pyper

Great Grandma Jones with the kids

We had a lot of people come and support. It was wonderful.

Grandma Jones had 4 new great-granddaughters this year.

The Blessing Dress

I found this dress when I was 5 months pregnant for an awesome deal.

My sister Sarah made this bonnet from a hankie. Pyper can unstich it when she gets married and have it for her wedding day. Sarah gave it to me with a cute poem.

Pyper was a doll in it. Preston said she was a princess.

Gandama Moser made this beautiful blanket for her blessing.

The Saturday before the blessing

All of the kids ended up in bed with Jon and I again this morning. They were excited. It was snowing and their cousins were going to be at our house for pizza and games.

Preston and Riley were showing Pyper the snow falling. They were excited that it was Pyper's first time seeing snow.

Grandma Patsi is holding the newer grandkids. Emily, Grayson & Pyper. We were excited that Holly just let us all know she is going to add another grandchild in April!

Here are the grandkids all enjoying Preston's 4 wheeler.

Pyper and Alanna hanging out

Pyper and Alanna are getting older together.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Just for fun.

Preston decided he wanted a Mohawk today. Jon helped him out.


Sunday, October 5, 2008

We will pay Dr. Bromley's bills this month

Dr.Bromley is our family dentist. The kids love him. I took the kids in because one of Riley's fillings fell out of her tooth, and it was time for their check-ups and cleanings. Riley had 5 cavities, and Preston had 3. He filled 2 of Riley’s while we were there last week and rescheduled the rest. Here is her fun numb smile:

Preston has a dead tooth from a fall a while back. He told me it was loose and was wiggling it like crazy on Thursday. I knew this tooth was the dead one and it also was one that had a cavity on it. I let him go for it. I did not know that he should not be loosing this front upper tooth until he was 6 or 7. The next morning Preston told me that he had a bump on his lip. I looked down and his lip was very swollen:
I was very worried. I called Dr.Bromley who is not in the office on Fridays. He told me that he could not be in the office until that afternoon. I asked him if it would be okay if I tried to pull it. He said I could but not to try until closer to when he could see him just in case. I waited until lunch time. By this time I could see a huge abscess (bump of puss) above the tooth:
About an hour later Preston was in tears and I was close to it. I was not cut out for this. Our next door neighbor Nate was at our house working on the electrical for the basement. He took a try. It did not come out. I called my friend Hailey who is a hygienist to come take a try. She did, and it was not coming out. She said the root on the tooth was still very long.
I called the Dr. and he took care of poor little Preston that afternoon. I guess it is common for a tooth to abscess when it is dead, and Preston’s dirty hands in his mouth trying to pull it the day before probably did not help.

Jon shooting in Nebraska

Jon must have changed his mind about me blogging about him. He even let me have these pictures taken in Nebraska. He did not do as well as he would have liked in Nebraska so he is in Washington this weekend competing again.

Jon is the third one in.

Here is a picture of Jon cleaning his rifle.