Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sweet's Candy Factory Tour

We went to the Sweet’s Candy Factory for a field trip with Preston’s pre-school today. We had a great time. When is candy not fun!? Riley is off track so she got to come along too. Riley is such a helper. She was put in charge of being Jackson’s buddy. When ever she is given the task to be a leader she always does a fabulous job. She loves to be the boss! We each got a free bag of taffy at the end of the tour. YUM!

Movie clips of Pyper

Pyper is blooming like crazy! She initiates peek-a-boo and patty cake. She has to hold her own spoon to feed herself. She crawls, sings, dances, waves goodbye and is just the happiest little baby. We are enjoying her personality! This was taken last night. In this clip you will see some of Pyper’s new crawling moves. You will also hear Jon in the background helping Riley do the dishes.

The clip below was taken March 15th. It's just a fun one.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Let them make cake... Lucky Rainbow Cake!

Today Preston and I were looking at some of our friend’s blogs. We came across my friend Jamie’s post about the Rainbow Cake. I told Preston we should do it for the next birthday we have in the family. He said, “Let’s do it today!!” I said that was a great idea because after all it’s Saint Patrick’s Day and the gold is always at the end of the rainbow right!? We even put an apron on Pyper.

The snow melts in to mud....

Jackson and Preston being boys!

Deanna's Wedding

My friend Deanna got married on the last day of February. It was so fun to get together with the girls and chat it up. We were missing Robyn though!

It felt like spring today!

Riley is in soft ball and Preston is in a rookie league. They are just starting to practice for the season. It has been a lot of fun for the family. We put Pyper out on a blanket while the two older kids and I practiced catching and throwing. It was such a nice day today. It is also Pyper’s 8 month birthday. Time has gone by so fast! She is starting to crawl. She rolls very quickly to where ever she wants to go. It is time to put her mattress in her crib lower for her own safety. Her first word is “hi.” But she says it like “ha.” I know it’s because the first thing her dad says to her when ever he sees her is “HI!” Here are pictures from today. The 3 of them are so darn cute together!