Monday, February 27, 2012

Dog Town Race -Washington, Utah

My mom is doing the Biggest Looser. There are 100 participants. She is on the Yellow team, The Yellow Jackets. As part of it she got/had to enter the race to get points for her team. She walked the 5K and I joined her.

We found my sister-in-law Christa just before it started. She was running the 9K.

Just before the race started, my mom with most of her team.

My mom finishing.

My Sister-in-law Shyloh, her sister Conaday, and her brother-in-law Luke ran the Half Marathon. My brother Nathan was going to run, but sprain his ankle badly. Poor guy couldn't run. Here they all are after the race.
Jon's friends ran the half marathon too. Jack's wife Shannon ran, but is not pictured here.