Friday, September 12, 2014

End of Dec. 2012 At Grandma Hendrickson's House

Emily and Pyper
We had to go home early this morning because Pyper was sick. On the way we pulled off the road for her to throw up. She drank some cranberry juice before hand. So it was a pinkish color when she threw up. As we got back on the road she said "Mom, if throw up is pink, can it be pretty?" I said something like yes. Then she said, "But, it's always gross!"

Christmas 2012

Mid Dec. 2012: Cruising with Mom, Sharon & Laura stopping @ Costa Maya, Belize, Cozumel

Mayan Ruins in Brazil. This was called the Mask

Laura and I climbed this Mayan ruin. We are there at the very top. It was amazing!

Laura out of the bathroom
Maryann & Laura on the way to our snorkel. We were stung by jelly fish.

Sharon did not end up being able to go because she was a bit pregnant. We also did a zip line adventure course. This was in Costa Maya

I think this was Cozumel

Before we got to the Mayan ruins we went on this boat tour and saw lots of cool things. Even a couple alligators. We saw fishermen right in the water with lots of fish. I would think they would be scared of the alligators.

Dec.4th 2012

Pyper's recital.

A few photos of our new SALINA HOME

Nov. 25th Decorating our tree

Kids are so fun to do this with. We loved listening to Christmas music as we did it.





This was at Thanksgiving. Jon worked but we had Thanksgiving dinner at Jon's mom's house. We stopped over to see the Raymonds. Lacie and her family was staying there. Debra took this picture of the cousins.

November 10th-Snow Day

Preston, Ellie & Pyper. They are standing in our front yard. This is our first snowy day in our new house.

Ellie and Preston

This is the view from our back door. They are putting in the sprinklers.
What a wonderful day! The kids and I found a great hill just behind our house to sled on. We were laughing and having so much fun! Preston even said it was better then our sled hill in Herriman. All of the snow today was just what we needed!

Riley and Kimmery Hatt. She is a neighbor girl who lived through the block.

Noember 2012 - New mail box for our new house!

We moved in on November 2nd. We had some fun with the mail box.

You can see the stuff waiting to be put in it's right place on the bar behind the kids.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Halloween 2012 in Redmond, Utah

Mom, Pyper and Ellie
The other day I let Preston and Pyper play in some big mud puddles at the park. Pyper got very cold. I got a warm bath for her and was cleaning her up. She was very uncomfortable being dirty and cold. When I first put her in the bath she said, "I want my mom." I said that it was a silly thing to say, that I was right there. She then said, "No, I want Heidi. I want her to be my mom. She is an angel." I just had to smile.

Another Pyper story: Pyper called out from her room just before she shut her door, "I need some alone time, I need some alone time from Ellie."

Visiting the Stewarts

My wonderful friends Hill and Russ moved to Salem, Utah. They bought this property with an old Pioneer home and a newer house along with some barns and out buildings on it. Very neat place!
The girls hanging out.

Russ was finishing the basement while we were there. Cool place!

October 2012 Pumpkin Patch Fun

First we went to Gunnison with Pyper's pre-school kids.

Then we came back with Riley and Preston to pick out our pumpkins.

Sept 24th 2012 Big Brother

I don't know how we got so blessed to have the best boy in the world in our family. The best older brother! Sees all the good in his sisters and just loves all 3 of them. He is so good to everyone. So sweet and kind. He stole my heart right from the start and I am so filled with love for this boy!