Sunday, July 25, 2010

A little spirit.

Today in Relief Society meeting the teacher brought up the Holy Ghost. She told of a friend who did not recognize feeling the Holy Ghost and asked us to bring up ideas to help our children recognize it. Different sisters brought up different ideas.
Tonight after we were done reading our scriptures I brought it up to the kids. We were talking about it. I asked the kids if they had ever felt it. Preston said he had when his Mom in Heaven died. He said, "It told me it would all be okay and not to cry". That Preston, he has a special little spirit about him. From what Jon has told me about the experience it sounds like Heidi's spirit hang around for a little while. Preston would tell his dad things she told him. He was just a two and a half year old little boy.
On another note. Preston is a little sick today. He was laying on the couch and Pyper went up to him and started rubbing his head and touching his face. She was saying his name. I stopped her so she would not catch what I think might be strep throught. She was just about to kiss him. Both of them were puckered up. Later Preston told me, "mom, that Pyper is just a cutie." I have to agree. All of my kids are.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Lake Powell mid-July

All of the Hendrickson Grandchildren made it to the Lake this year.
One of the highlights of this trip wast the big banner slip and slide Don brought for all to play on.
Preston having a blast! Riley's face says it all! Preston is right behind her. I went down a few times. I hit my bum on a rock and got the ugliest bruise I've ever had.
Lots of digging and making pools in the sand.
Riley tried the new kids double skis behind the jet ski. Didn't work. Next time it will have to be behind the boat.
Another high light were the 2 new tubes.
I held Grayson and Jon held Pyper. Pyper was done after a while but Grayson told me "more". as they were stopping.
Preston, Paul, Hunter and Chad all playing UNO. The boys all played so well together. Zoe came over from her trailer to visit Pyper at our trailer. I snapped this shot of them just jibber jabbering to each other. SO CUTE!

Pyper is 2!

Here she is! Our not so terrible two year old.
Megan is Pyper's cousin. She is just 3 weeks older then Pyper. So the aunts put a little family birthday party together. Thanks Kari and Alicia for helping it be so fun!We are singing Happy Birthday to the girls. They had no problem blowing out the candles.
Pyper is telling us she is "two".
Riley with her Uncle Troy and Uncle Brian.

Opening gifts.
Pyper is wondering if that is all the gifts or if there are more?
Then we did a pinata! It was fun! Lots of goodies inside.
Jon and Preston just playing around.
Preston, Pyper and Riley showing off some of their pinata loot. I love this shot!

Cow Appreciation Day

Nothing like a free lunch and dressing up! Chik fil a has a Cow Appreciation day every July 9th. You show up dressed as a cow and get a free combo meal. They also had a bounce house, face painting and a wheel to spin for a free prize.

Summer Primary Activity

They had a water balloon fight at the park. The kids played with their friends and had a great time.
Here is Riley in action.
Preston's good friends Chase and Jackson.
Pyper and Alanna.

2010 Snow Family Reunion

Grandma Patsi is a Snow. She and Grandpa Doug hosted the Snow Family Reunion the end of June. It was a lot of fun. We played games, participated in the silent action, and ate good food. It was very hot! It was so fun to get to know Dana's cousins.
Below Aunt Carol weaved us these beautiful hand towels.
Amanda is showing us how to make cool bracelets.
A common site at the reunion, everyone playing games of some sort.

Tribute to my husband Jon.

As I mentioned in the previous post, Jon and I had our 4th year anniversary this month. What I failed to mention was what I great husband I have. The big thing I can say about Jon is that HE IS MY MAN! He is my man, he takes care of us, fixes things, does all the manly things that need to be done, and I can always count on him. I can honestly say that we are better then ever. Sure we have had tough times but I think those times just bring us closer in the end. I love you Jon.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

July 3rd 2010

July 3rd was our 4 year anniversary. Jon let me know he had arranged fire works and everything! His mom watched the kids while Jon and I went to lunch and a movie. That night we went to her house for a BBQ, fire works and fun. That's what happens in Utah when the 4th lands on a Sunday. It's all good.
The Palmers just before the fireworks.
Brian, Addy, Sophie, and Alica
Alica, Megan, Kari, and Terry.

Pyper is saying "cheese!" She thought the fire crackers and fire works were great. She would call out "pretty" and "wow" she also clapped.

Mid June in Tacoma

While the two older kids were in California with Grandma. Pyper and I flew to Tacoma to visit my sister Laura and my mom (who was also visiting my sister). We had a wonderful trip!
Rowen and Pyper feeding the ducks.
Pyper picks flowers for people. Soooo cute!

Laura and Rowen
We played a lot of Scrabble... I even won a game! (Laura, Rowen, Pyper and my mom Kay)
The kids and I went down to the beach on the one warm day I there. (Rowen, Sam, Pyper and Campbell)
Pyper and her nifty rock with barnacles on it.
Waiting for the train to go by so we can cross.
Aunt Laura painting nails. Pyper loves her "pretties!"
She could not stop looking at them and showing them to other people.
Laura, Maryann and Mom (Kay)

Preston is a soccer player! (June 12th)

We were impressed with Preston and his soccer playing skills. This was Preston's first year of soccer. He made goals and had a great time. I even watched him do a cartwheel when his friend Jackson made a goal. We really enjoyed watching him.

Herriman Lake time! (June 9th)

Preston LOVES to dig. It works out well. Pyper always plays in the "pools" he makes.
Grandma Katie came and took the two older kids to California for a week. While she was here we showed her the lake just a couple blocks from our house. We are excited to spend more time at the lake this summer.

Kindergarten Graduation

Riley and Preston both got this Special award at school for doing so well. Proud Mama!
Preston and his teacher Ms. Utesch.

Fun at the Heap's Cabin (Memorial weekend)

I thought this was a cute shot of dads and their babies sitting around the fire.

Preston doing his part in helping with the fire wood.
It was a great weekend of activities and fun.

Minute to Win-it game. (Jon's a cheater!)
Oh! The LOVE!