Monday, June 30, 2008

Camping at the Windmill Ranch

Jon's friend Greg (The Renegade Man) let us come up to his property in Camas and enjoy some camping Saturday the 28th of June. Greg has a horse, 2 burrows, and 2 dogs. The kids loved riding their bikes, going out on ATV rides, and taking a ride on Greg's horse Maybelline. I even went out for a fun ATV ride. Preston told me we needed to move up there. In this family camping picture you should keep in mind I needed a shower and I'm over 37 weeks along. I don't look like this normally.

Daddy Daughter Date

Jon and Riley went on a Daddy Daughter Date with Activity Days for church. Riley loved getting all dressed up and dancing with her dad.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

36 Weeks pregnant and feeling great!

I am officially 9 months pregnant as of yesterday. I only have 4 weeks left! The pregnancy started out rough. I was very sick for over 5 months, but then I made it over the hump. It is amazing to me that I am this far along. I'm scared and excited for her to come out. I wonder what she will look like.... what she will act like. I am emotional even more then ever. I cried during the National Anthem at the Herriman Rodeo last night when Riley started to sing out the words. Riley has a great voice. She must have gotten that from her Aunt Alicia. Preston told me toward the end of the rodeo that the baby did not like the rodeo because it is too long and she wants to go to sleep.