Saturday, November 15, 2014

October 2013

Carving pumpkins

Ellie slept through the carving.

Halloween fun! They are ready to trick-o-treat! Riley, Ashton, Pyper, Preston & Ellie.

Preston's 10th Brithday Party

They went on a scavenger hunt, had treats and played yard games. It was a fun birthday!

Riley and her friends helped with the scavenger hunt.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Oct. 2013 Awesome Pumpkin Patch in Sigurd.

Hay ride to pick our pumpkins.

Here are our pumpkin picks!

They have a free train ride we enjoyed.

Also enjoyed this fun contraption.

Oct 11th, 2013 Poor Pyper and her broken arm.

Pyper fell off a tree stump/shrub today and broke her left arm. She was one tough cookie at the E.R. When she was coming down off the drugs, after they re-set her arm, she was very fun to watch. I have some cell phone video of it. She told one nurse she had 5 eyes, and she was her alien mommy. She also did a lot of singing. Later she told me she was not just being silly, that we all looked weird.

The dr. called it a swan neck break. Both bones were broken.

Everyone was so good to us at the ER.

Her sweet friend came over with gifts and love to help her feel better.

Oct. 2013 Planting the flower bed with Grandma & Grandpa.

Blair and Terry spoil us. They got these plants and helped plant them and everything. We sure do love them!



Preston & Grandpa


The run away trampoline.

It is so windy here. I went out back to shake the kitchen rugs and noticed our trampoline was gone! It was so weird! I found it across the street! The frame is bent. It's a sad day at the Palmer house. The good news is we were able to bend it back and we have it nice and tied down now!

Pyper Cheering at the High school football game.

Pyper loved cheering with McKatie.

It makes it better when you have friends to watch with. Katie, Maryann & Cristan.

It started raining so Jon ran home and grabbed this pop up to make us all comfy. Fun with the Cowens and the Storys.