Thursday, October 27, 2011

What's new with us this week...

It's Preston's birthday on Saturday. So, this makes him the "Spot Light" student in his class. Here is his fun poster we created. (You can click on any picture to make it bigger) This was his spot light poster that was done in the spring for his 1st grade class. I wanted to have a picture of it before he destroyed it by making a big paper air plane out of it. We purchased this property in Salina. It is 3/4 of an acre. We hope to start digging for our new house in about month. We have our blue prints/plans for our house finalized! It is so awesome knowing we will have a house just the way we want it! (Preston has big plans for that big red dirt hill that will be behind our house.)Ellie tried food for her first time. She did not care for it.

Pyper was a bunny for her pre-school Halloween Party. She told me she was going to "Hop down the street!" Then when we were loading in the car she saw a grasshopper and said, "That grass hopper hops just like me!" With a big smile on her face.

Riley got braces. She is excited about it. The last time she had braces it was only on the upper front 4 teeth. Now she will have a mouth full. 8 on the bottom and 6 on the top.

About a month ago Riley was throwing a little bit of a fit. She is not so pretty when she does not get her way. Jon was talking to her in her room and I was nursing Ellie in our room. This is what I heard her yell; "I am 11 years old! That is almost a teenager! You guys need to start treating me like and adult and stop disciplining me!" Sorta funny. I think we are in for a treat! Don't get me wrong, Riley is wonderful! She is a big helper and so much fun when she is her regular self. Her 3 younger siblings just light up when she comes in to the room. We love her!

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