Saturday, January 17, 2009

Pyper is 6 months old today

Pyper turned 6 months today. She rolls like crazy. She loves to give kisses to her family. Preston and Riley can make her laugh better then anyone. Here are pictures taken just today:
When I took this picture, Riley said I could tell people it was of my three girls. She is so funny! Preston let her do his hair.
This is Riley, Preston and Flat Stanley. The kid’s cousin Quentin sent him in the mail to visit us for a class assignment. We are going to take pictures of him and send them back with him to show Quentin’s class the adventures Flat Stanley was on while here in Utah. Isn’t that a great idea! I wish I had Quentin’s teacher in 2nd grade. It’s all for a geography lesson.

Visiting Aunt Laura in Tacoma

Pyper and I flew up to see my sister Laura and her family in Tacoma the first week of this month. Pyper slept the whole time on both flights. It was WONDERFUL. I had a blast with Laura. She is someone who can make me laugh like no other, and understands me better then anyone. We played Wii a lot. I also played Texas Hold Um with Laura, Jamie, and their friends (beat all 11 of them –most importantly Jamie). It rained most of the time. We did go out to a little park next to the Sound for a walk and to feed the ducks. It was cold while I was there and even snowed.
Pyper Laura kissing Aunt Laura

This is Laura's youngest, Rowen. She was all about Pyper. She would get a hold of her and not let go. She would yell out MINE! You can see she has her legs and arms wrapped around her.

This is Laura bowling on the Wii. She kicked her leg every time! You can see her boy Sam in the background. He is 4 and is an amazing Wii bowler. He is a Pro!

Self proclaimed Mr. Wonderful. Quentin is Laura's oldest child. He is the best at the Wii and knows it! I am very competitive and I could not beat him. I even tackeled him and sat on him out of frustration. (It was all in good fun, but I was frustrated like crazy!) I wish I could play Wii with Laura and her family every day.

Bring in the New Year!

We have the main part of our basement done. Jon put in a big theater down there. We started out the night playing Wii and ended it with a game of Settlers. My kids were wired and stayed awake the whole time. We did sparklers out on the cold front porch to finish the night off and bring in the New Year. We even did a big family hug and kiss (cheezy I know). Happy 2009!

Grayson was so cute in this picture! I know he will have a great New Year!

In Toquerville the day after Christmas

This year we were pretty busy visiting most of our families. The kids have 5 sets of grandparents, some great and great-great grandparents on top of that. (They are not spoiled) We went down to Toquerville to visit our Hendrickson family the day after Christmas. Grandma Patsi always organizes good, fun family activities. We did hygiene kits, had a yummy dinner, played lots of games, and to top it off we did a talent show. It was a blast! There was singing, the playing of homemade instruments, skits and Paige, Josh, & Grayson did the Hokey Pokey. You will see below Preston took a picture of them putting their left hand in. The kids also drew names and exchanged gift. Good times all around!

Grandma Patsi was beaming watching all of her grandchildren together.

Emily and Pyper were getting to know each other.

They already love each other and were showing it!

Christmas Day

This Christmas was Heaven for me compared to last year! I was so sick then with my pregnancy. We got up with the kids and opened gifts. We were all pretty happy with our gifts. Jon got me a gun. I thought it was awesome! I am going to take some classes. That morning we had a big snow storm. Some of Jon’s family was to come to our house for breakfast but because of the weather and some of them getting stuck on their way here, we ended up having lunch. It was good food!