Sunday, February 14, 2010

The kids on Valentine's Day just before church

I love dressing the girls a like! Pyper and Riley are totally posing for me. Preston does not want to be in the picture.

My Valentine

Our church did a formal Valentines Dance last weekend. We got all dressed up and danced... not well, but we tried.

Sick Palmer kids

Preston came down with these horrible hives. Thanks goodness they only lasted 2 days. We can't figure out what caused them. The Dr. told us we could give him an oatmeal bath or a baking soda bath. On the way out to the car Preston asked me if he could have a melted chocolate bath. Poor kid!

Pyper got and ear infection and then a couple of days later Riley came down with strep throat. Thank goodness Pyper was already on antibiotics because she has a hard time not being with Riley. Here is Riley on the day her class was to have their Valentine's party. She was bummed she had to miss it. Pyper climbed up on the bed and had to snuggle next to her.

The first part of Feb. Dressed for Church

Pyper can now fit in a dress size 2T and Riley is still in a dress size 8. We found these cute dresses and had to get them!

Another short trip to St.George the end of January

The kids played in this big leaf pile that my dad is going to spread on his garden.

Pyper LOVES Aunt Sharon
Christa LOVES David. Here is proof that there is a perfect someone for everyone. These two crack me up!
James LOVES Riley!
Shyloh and Nathan looking a little tired. It takes a lot of energy having a new born around!
Pyper LOVES babies! Here she is loving on baby Kaeldon.