Thursday, October 27, 2011

What's new with us this week...

It's Preston's birthday on Saturday. So, this makes him the "Spot Light" student in his class. Here is his fun poster we created. (You can click on any picture to make it bigger) This was his spot light poster that was done in the spring for his 1st grade class. I wanted to have a picture of it before he destroyed it by making a big paper air plane out of it. We purchased this property in Salina. It is 3/4 of an acre. We hope to start digging for our new house in about month. We have our blue prints/plans for our house finalized! It is so awesome knowing we will have a house just the way we want it! (Preston has big plans for that big red dirt hill that will be behind our house.)Ellie tried food for her first time. She did not care for it.

Pyper was a bunny for her pre-school Halloween Party. She told me she was going to "Hop down the street!" Then when we were loading in the car she saw a grasshopper and said, "That grass hopper hops just like me!" With a big smile on her face.

Riley got braces. She is excited about it. The last time she had braces it was only on the upper front 4 teeth. Now she will have a mouth full. 8 on the bottom and 6 on the top.

About a month ago Riley was throwing a little bit of a fit. She is not so pretty when she does not get her way. Jon was talking to her in her room and I was nursing Ellie in our room. This is what I heard her yell; "I am 11 years old! That is almost a teenager! You guys need to start treating me like and adult and stop disciplining me!" Sorta funny. I think we are in for a treat! Don't get me wrong, Riley is wonderful! She is a big helper and so much fun when she is her regular self. Her 3 younger siblings just light up when she comes in to the room. We love her!

Friday, October 21, 2011

October 15th- Fall photo shoot

The 4 cutest kids in the world! Ellie at 5 months old

Pyper at 3 years old

Preston just two weeks short of 8 years old.

Riley Ann at 11 & 1/2 years old going on 18 (just ask her!)

Ellie right around 5 months old

She's a cutie and foxy!

Oct 8-9th 2 baptisms, a wedding & some petroglyphs

Ryan and Glenn got to be baptised on the same day. It was a great day for my kids to see two of their cousin's get babtised. Congratulations Ryan and Glenn!

Here we are sitting in the pews for my 2nd cousin Christine's Wedding. She is my cousin Rosemary's daughter. Riley told me after the ceremony was over that there were 7 prayers during the service.On the way home we stopped at the Fremont Indian State Park and Museum. The petroglyphs were awesome! Riley is learning about it in school right now. She even taught me some things I didn't know. We will be going back again soon!

Oct 6th -Our first Snow

I know you can't tell but, it is snowing in this picture. Redmond is treating my kids right. They have made great friends and love the freedom this little town gives them.

Pyper's art

Don't leave paperwork or homework laying out on the table unless you want Pyper's art added to it. This is a picture of me and the baby. This is what she told me.

Sept 29th- Grandpa and Grandma Raymond visit

It was a very nice visit with them. Pyper was smitten with them. You can tell by just looking at this picture.

First Day of Pre-School for Pyper

She had no problem going. It was like, "So long mom!"

Sept 6th - Bath time for Ellie

Sept 3rd- Peach Days with the Hendricksons!

Grandma Patsi made every grandchild a cute Peach Day's parade bag with their name on it to gather candy with!It was so fun hanging out at the parade. I ran in to some great old friends and neighbors. The kids with Grandpa Hendrickson.

After the Parade we enjoyed some activities. (The kids did anyway. It was a hot day!)

Preston rockin the rock wall!

Ashley and Riley on the rock wall.In the kitchen at Grandma Patsi's house. It's always a party there!

Aug 31st -Ellie loves the bumbo just like Pyper did!

Thanks again Aunt Janea!

Aug 25th -Second day of school!

I'll be honest. I've had a rough time after this last baby. My brain has turned in to mush! I forgot to take the "first day of school pictures" of Riley and Preston! But, I did get their second day! Jon was even in the shot. I took the first picture and then looked down at the picture and looked back up and they had turned around with their backs to me, laughing. Just being silly. So, I snapped that too! I love how silly my family is. Nothing better then laughing every day!

Aug 20th- Fish Lake Day Trip

This was the last Saturday before school started. We went up to visit my brother David and his family while they were staying in a cabin by Fish Lake. We fished at this private stocked pond with them. It was so beautiful!
Below is Preston Fishing.
Pyper and Riley fishing off this dock. (This is the dock Preston fell off of)
David, Annie and James fishing off the bench.
I noted before that Preston fell off the dock. The story is this; My brother David threw fish food in to the water to show the kids there were a ton of fish jumping to get the food. Preston got so excited and tried to cast his pole out and threw himself off the dock. Thank goodness Jon was right there and grabbed him by the arm and brought him out of the water. Preston had gone all the way under. So in the picture below he is in my hoody and Aunt Christa's pants. He still has on his winning smile!Pyper said, "This is where Tinker Bell lives!" She also thinks The Little Mermaid lives in Fish Lake. My kids loved hiking around this beautiful place and so did I! Below is Christa, James, Hank and Annie. My brother's good lookin family!
James, Christa, Hank, Annie, Riley and Preston.
On one of the bridges over a stream leading to the lake. BEAUTIFUL!
Cute kids in the back of the car! James, Annie, Pyper, Preston, Riley and Hank in the front.