Sunday, October 4, 2009

Old Friends

Many years ago I had the pleasure of being roommates with these girls. We had so much fun. We had not seen each other for a long time. Jeanette put together a BBQ and invited us all to join. It was so fun to talk about old times. These girls can sure make me laugh.

Malese, Jeanette, Me, and Lara
Jeanette showed us all a good time.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

"Puppit Show Here!"

Riley and Preston put on shows for Jon and me quite a bit. It’s not always puppet shows. It can be plays, or dancing. They always give us home made tickets or invitations. They set up chairs for us to sit and watch them. This puppet show even had a great message about how smoking is bad for you. I have it on video too; it’s a little long for the blog. Jon, Pyper and I were laughing the whole time. Man I sure do love my family. It’s good to get away so I can keep loving and appreciating them. I recommend a cruise to anyone who has not taken one. I think Jon and I should take the kids on one soon. We all would love it!

Weekend Canadian Cruise with Laura

Laura and I left all of the kids with our wonderful husbands and boarded a cruise ship in Seattle. This was my first time really being away from Pyper. It was harder on me I’m sure. It was so nice being pampered. Being served dinner and not having to lift a finger to help make it or clean it up, playing Battleship and Cribbage with Laura pool side, getting off the boat in Victoria and Nanaimo and doing a little sight seeing and shopping. The weather could not have been nicer!
Here we are with Nanaimo behind us.
Here we are in Victoria.
Besides gathering my much needed sanity Laura and I scored some awesome shoes from this little shop in Nanaimo. These are the ones I bought.

Thank goodness for home owners insurance!

When we got home from Midway Riley came running upstairs and yelled, “Dad, the carpet is all wet downstairs!” While we were away in Midway the main pipe to the sprinkler line broke. I thought those huge fans would drive me bonkers before they finished drying everything out! Now we are working on putting our basement back together again. What a mess! Jon is so good to deal with it all with a positive outlook on the whole situation.

Labor Day in Midway

Jon’s mom and dad/Blair have time share. They were so sweet and shared condos with us. We had a great time. The kids loved the Swiss Days Parade. I love parades too! I loved the small town of Midway. It’s a place where I could see myself live.
A little pool time with the cousins!
One night we all went out to dinner!
I found these three girls just snuggled up together on the couch eating cold cereal out of a cup Grandma Moser had given them. Cute, cute, cute!