Friday, March 19, 2010

We miss Dad

Jon is so close to being done with the Police Academy. This is a picture of him getting home from school early and the kids swarming him while he eats his dinner just before they go to bed.

Play Group

A couple neighbors and I do a play group for our church ward. Here are a couple pictures from our last one. Box Car Derby.
Preston and Jackson: The race is on!
Pyper was loving it!

Pyper is now 20 months old.

Pyper thinks she is just as big as Riley and Preston. When ever babies are around, even if they are as old as she is, She talks "baby talk" to them. The kids sometimes leave this stool out. Pyper finds it and sees what trouble she can get in to. Here she is trying to go over to Alanna's house across the street.
Pyper Feeding Justin and Vayleen's baby, Legion.

A new family member!

Aunt Alica and Uncle Brian had their 3rd baby girl, Lillian.
Grandpa Blair, Brian, Lillian, Alica, Riley, Preston and Pyper. (don't you love Preston's eyes)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Two more Valentine pictures

Our family went over to Don and Holly's house for dinner. Grandma and Grandpa Hendrickson were in town. Aunt Paige made this treat for Grandpa for Valentine's day. Paige is in dental hygiene school. She made this mold herself. White chocolate for the teeth and regular chocolate for the gums. Very impressive!
Grandpa and the kids showing their teeth.