Saturday, May 15, 2010

Life is full of surprises...

(This is the short version of the story)
For a few days now I have been experiencing some pain. I thought for sure it was due to a cyst on my right ovary diagnosed in 2007. There were some other things going on that all pointed to the cyst. But, then I started to have a hard time breathing. I still thought I just needed to suck it up it would pass. Friday morning I woke up a little before 2:00 A.M. I felt as if I were going to die. I did not know what to do. I went to the bathroom. I prayed over the garbage can while sitting on the toilet. I thought for sure I was going to pass out there and Jon would find me in the morning. I thought how stupid I was not to have gone to the E.R. earlier that day. That my husband should not have to loose another wife and my children should not have to experience loosing another mom. Then from the top of my head to the bottom of my toes I broke out in a sweat and I felt better. I thought about how silly my thoughts just were and about going back to bed and going to the Dr. in the morning. Then I thought better of it. I turned on the light and got dressed. Jon was still fast asleep as I kept him up the night before holding on to him for comfort from the pain. I felt fine now and thought I would just drive myself to the E.R. That way he could stay with the kids and I would probably be back before he even woke up that morning. I left him a note on his night stand saying; “Jon – Took my self to the ER. Love, Maryann.” I put it in front of his clock so he would for sure see it. As I drove I thought at least this would give me peace of mind and I would be back in bed in a couple hours. I got to the E.R. I got checked in and saw a couple different people told of my symptoms each time. They put in and I.V. After a while I went in for an ultra sound. I joked around about finding a baby in there. Full knowing Jon and I had been careful enough for this not to happen. She told me she did not see a baby in my uterus. She took pictures and I got so comfortable I just wanted to stay on that bed. But, then back to the wheel chair I went down the halls back to the room. After a bit two of the male nurses that had helped me the most came in. One of them asked about my pain and the level of it between a one and a ten. I told him it was probably a two, that I was just uncomfortable. He answered, “Hugh…” as to not believe what I was saying. I knew at this time he knew something to what was wrong with me. He then said he was going to put another I.V. in my other arm. I asked why. He said I needed some more fluid. Then Bob, the other nurse, started to rub my shoulder as to comfort me. I took alarm at this. I knew something had to be wrong and I inquired again. He told me the Dr. would be in soon to explain everything. I got scared. I tried not to cry. The Dr. came in sat down in front of me and looked right in my eyes with concern. He said, “We have discovered you have an ectopic pregnancy. We have booked and O.R. and you will be in surgery in the next hour or two. I know your Dr. is Dr. England but another Dr. (I can’t remember the name he gave) is on call tonight and will be doing the surgery." I just kept thinking; “I need Jon. How could this be happening? I need Jon.” Then he said would you like to call your husband. I called Jon. It was about 4:00 A.M. He was so confused. Thought I was calling from another part of the house or something. He felt around in the bed for me. I told him what was going on. He called his brother Troy and he came over to be in the house with the sleeping kids.
Jon was at the hospital in no time. I was then told Dr. England was called and he wanted to come in and do the surgery himself. I told the E.R. Dr. how sweet Dr. England was, and the Dr. said if he needed an O.B. he would go to Dr. England. Dr. England came in to my room and said, “Hello trouble maker!” I said, I don’t know how this pregnancy happened. I thought we were being careful. He just laughed and said, well if you have a uterus and he has his thing it’s bound to happen. He went on to say he could not believe the state I was in. That most women in my condition would be passed out. I was so happy this man who delivered Pyper was here to take care of me.
After the surgery Dr.England said my right fallopian tube had ruptured and he had to remove it... after he drained the liter of blood that was in my tummy. That is why I was having such a hard time breathing. The blood was pushing all of my organs around and up against my diaphragm. If I had waited for the morning I would never have woken up. CRAZY! He even gave me pictures of my insides before and after. I’m not going to post them here because not everyone appreciates pictures like that.
Now I am being pampered by my husband, family and friends. I will get better soon. I am so lucky/blessed. What will life throw my way next? I better have my mitt ready to catch it.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Today, Riley drew Jon and I as Avatars

I see the likeness.

Bad boys, bad boys, what cha go-na do, what cha go-na do when Jon comes for you?

Law Enforcement Commencement Graduation
The last and one of the best things that happened this April is Jon finishing the Police Academy! I almost cry looking at these pictures I am so happy!

This was just before the graduation got started. Pyper wanted her dad. She threw 2 fits after this picture because the ceremony started she wanted her dad and she could not go to him.
Presentation of his certificate
His cheering section.

WARM weekend of fun in St.George

We started our Saturday off by going to the Kite Festival with Grandma Patsi, the Butterfield cousins, and the Lisonbee cousins. We parked and then rode a bus to the activities.

Glenn making it happen!Pyper was sad because she couldn't make it happen.A little train ride is always fun.BROOKSIDE
My long time friend, Trisa invited us up for the rest of our Saturday to her parents cabin/home in Brookside. It was wonderful. I could live the rest of my life there. The kids felt the same way. It was hard to get them to go.

In the back ground you can see the awesome rope swing going over the creek. We all tried it. My camera ran out of battery before I could get some shots. I hope to get some from Trisa and post them later. Preston might want to think about sitting on the swing differently next time. I think his face says it all.

Pyper offered there dog a "bite" and was offended when he didn't want to give it back.
She also discovered the trampoline. She LOVES to jump!

You’re 10 now, take a bow!

Riley took on the double digits.
She is like Jon, she wanted cookie dough instead of cake.
Grandma and Grandpa Moser came over to help make her day great.

Snow and Grandma Katie for Easter

Here they are the Raymond cousins, the Palmer kids and Grandma Katie.
I just thought this candid shot was cute!Pyper really got in to it. Later on in the week the kids did egg hunts for her just for fun.
The kids with their loot.

More April Happenings....

Pyper is an Artist!
Pyper thinks everything she or anyone else draws is "pretty!" She showed me this art work she had just completed. I did not think it was very "pretty" She did it on all of the doors upstairs.
Preston can really crash a bike!
Poor guy. He hit his chin so hard he almost bit through his toung on both sides. They had to do a double layer of stitches in his chin.

Riley is bringing the 80's back!
She asked me to do her hair just like this. I know I styled my hair this way when I was young. You go girl!