Sunday, March 13, 2011

What's new with the kids....

Pyper loves to sing and pretend (Below she is pretending to be sad). She is also sporting a healing bruise on her head from hitting it on her brother's knee while playing around. Her favorite things to pretend are being a dog and a monster. She loves to hide and jump out and scare us. She just started a little singing class she attends every Monday afternoon. The other day at the park Pyper and two little boys found a worm. They took turns holding it. Then they took the worm down the slide and then put him on the swing and gave him a push. As they pushed him on the swing one boy yelled out, "Look mom this worm is having a good time!"
Riley is taking one on one voice lessons with a great gal named Anne-Marie. She has made many new friends. She got this great new hair cut and wanted me to put a picture of it on here to show everyone. She is an amazing help to me. I don't know what I would do with out her!
The only thing missing from this boy's life are the friends he left behind in Herriman. He has made new friends but misses Jackson and Chase so much! He started Karate a couple weeks ago and is very excited to start racing BMX. At recess the other day Preston was protecting a girl from being choked by another boy when a game had gotten out of hand and the boy lost his temper. The boy said to Preston, "You don't want to mess with a football player!" Preston then told me he said, "You don't want to mess with somebody who knows Karate!" (Preston has had a whole 4 classes) The boy then started to choke Preston. Preston told me he was able to roll him off and push him away. He said the girls started cheering out for him. He then smiled at me and said, "I think they were impressed." Here is the littlest Palmer. She is growing strong and loves to move and kick around. She kept hiding her face with her hands and arms. Then she even brought her feet up to her face. This was the best picture we could get. She is very shy and flexible. (This is a profile picture of her face. Her hand is up resting on her forehead.)

In the Local News

Here is Jon in the Salina Sun:
And here he is in the Richfield Reaper:
Look at the boy in blue! That is my Preston on his first day of Martial Arts class


A week ago we went to the local BMX races just to watch. Preston has been wanting to race bikes since he started peddling. Jon did it as a kid and has decided to join Preston and race too. Riley is also going to try it out. The first race they will be entering is this coming Friday. The three of them went out and practiced on their bikes yesterday after Jon got off work. I think it's a great family activity! Pyper, the baby in the belly and I are excited to cheer them on!
Above are the kids watching the race.
Below is Pyper on a bike I'm sure Jon would have purchased for her if I were not there to stop him.

Preston was so excited and was wanting to join the race that day so badly.