Friday, June 5, 2009

Family Pictures

My wonderful friend Kristen just started her new photography company: SWEET-SASSAFRAS Photography by Kristen . Here are some of the great pictures she took of us. You can click on the name of her company and it will take you right to her web site.

Herriman Ball Fields

On Wednesday we went to the ball fields to celebrate the new lights that were installed. They had free hot dogs, hamburgers, drinks, chips and popcorn. We had fun hanging out with Sarah’s family.
The Bumble Bee from the BEE'S base ball team was there.

He signed Preston's ball cap.

There was even and impromptu game put together with a bunch of kids. Paul, Jackson, Riley and Preston joined them.

What are Sarah and J-Dog laughing at?

What is that Pauly?

Temple open house

A couple of days ago we went with our friends Vanessa and Hailey to the temple open house. We have so many temples so close to us.

Grandma and granddaughters

Grandma Moser came over for a visit with Megan. Don’t you just love Riley’s face? She and her dad love to make silly faces in pictures.

Road trip to Kanab

We went down to Kanab to see my niece Ashley get baptized. Silly me I took very little pictures. We stayed in a Holiday Inn Express with Don and Holly’s family. The next morning we all woke up feeling smarter! We played lots of games, saw some old friends, and enjoyed family. We stayed in Toquerville the next night. It sure made me miss living down there.
Here is the view from my seat looking back. What a great view!

Grandma Patsi got the boys all the same outfit a while back. Hunter and Preston were excited to have on the same shirt. Can you see the love in Hunters face?

Here is a cute one of my girls.

At the Zoo with friends

My friend Kristen and I went to the zoo with our youngest kids. Here we all are at the bird show.

Preston, Pyper, the giraffe and I

Copper Mine

We have been up to lots of fun stuff. We went to the copper mine about a month ago.