Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Jan 24th:Pyper's Un-birthday at Pre-school

Soooo, Pyper was due on July 18th... but born on July 17th. Then Ellie was born on the 18th and now it get it all messed up! I wrote it wrong on this poster but did not notice it until Riley pointed it out to me days later. I love what she said when I asked her questions. You can click on the picture to enlarge it.
After I finished this poster, I pointed to it and said she could tell her class who they were. She said to me, "I am a fake sister." Huh?? I was lost, what is she talking about? So, I kept asking her questions. In a nut shell she told me I am also Preston and Riley's "fake mom.” She also got it in her head that Jon is her “fake dad.” When Jon and I asked more about this, she said that her read dad is in a picture with me at Grandma Patsi’s house on the wall. Jon and I tried to explain things a little better… I told Preston to quit telling her stuff that she was just too young to get it all tat this point. Geesh! She would not let it go that Jon was her “fake Dad.” Later she asked him to make her some hot chocolate. He told her since he was her fake dad that he only knew how to make fake hot chocolate. So he pretended to make it in the air. It’s all sorta funny.

More tid-bits about Pyper: I Played Chutes and Ladders with Pyper one morning. I got sick of trying to convince her that the slides were not our goal. Now she is plays her own version of the game. I will just stick to Candy Land for a while.
Pyper was getting into our bed night after night. One night She told Jon he has bad breath and to turn over! He does not move. She then yells at him to stop blowing wind out of his mouth! Even at 2 A.M. that was funny!

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