Monday, February 28, 2011


Preston came through the door last Thursday holding this paper out to me saying "I'm sorry about this mom." I scan over the paper and this is what I saw:

I asked him why he would write that. He just shrugged his shoulders. I asked him if he had ever done that before. He laughed and said "No!" So, we talked about how it was inappropriate.... and then I explained what inappropriate was after he asked what the word meant. I grounded him for two days and had him write an apology letter to his teacher. Later that night Jon came home. I had him come in our bedroom and shut the door. Full knowing what he was going to do. So, we both laughed together. I told him we had to get it out of our system before he talked to him. After talking with him we decided he is trying to impress a girl (Lexie) who sits next to him.

Feb 9th, Jon gets sworn in.

The kids and I went to the City Counsel Meeting to see Jon get sworn in. He is one happy guy! He loves living here and his job.

Feb 4th 2011 -Katie visits Central Utah

Katie drove down to visit a bit more with the kids and help out unloading a bit. She helped the kids make their Valentine Boxes for their school contest. Gangsta!

Preston won First place in his class!

Jan 29th 2011 -The Joys of Moving

I started to get sick this weekend. Most of my part of the moving was done. I had packed up the house and I could not lift much being pregnant and all. I can not thank the people enough who helped us pack up. We had about 15 men from our Herriman Ward help load up the UHAULs. Then we contacted our new bishop here in Central Utah and he had 7 men/young men to help us unload when we got to our new home. Jon's parents have been so wonderful! They are probably the sweetest most giving people I know. They have been there along the way helping us pack and move. Even driving a UHAUL down and back for us twice! I love them more then ever. I have been sick with something besides the pregnancy for a month now. I think it's trying to go away now. So, my house still has boxes that need to be unloaded (but only by me!) I will get to them.... someday.