Tuesday, August 30, 2011

July 6th - Box Creek with some Kirklands

The 2 little girls and I went up and joined my dad, David & family, and Nathan & family up camping at Box Creek. We just stayed for the day. It was a really fun time sitting around the fire getting caught in a thunder/raid storm and enjoying some eats! Plus Nathan makes a great Mormon Margarita!
Hank the Tank! Annie, James and Pyper enjoyed exploring around. There was a little dear that stayed close by too. It was very fun for the kids! Aunt Shyloh even joined in on the camping fun! Nathan was telling us a story.

The 4th of July!

The 4th this year was a bit sad for me. Riley & Preston were gone to California with Grandma Katie and Jon was working. Pyper, Ellie and I tried to make the best of it. We went to the Salina City celebrations. Pyper did most of the activities. Here she is going down the big slide. Here she is inside a big bubble! This was very cool! She did this one twice. She played planco, put the ring on the sucker, the measuring tape/ping pong ball game. As you can see she came away with some great prizes! To be honest, I think Ellie mostly just got hot. It was a very hot and humid day! We went to the parade that night. It started at 5:00. A storm was starting to brew. As we were walking to find a place to watch the parade, we ran in to this hot police man working this corner. He let us hang out with him for the parade.
He even helped Pyper get some candy!
Just as the parade was ending the rain and wind kicked in. We made a mad dash to the Yukon and made it just in time.

July 1st - Grandma Katie & Aunt Lacy Visit

Grandma Katie, Aunt Lacy and her cute boys came out to pick up Riley and Preston to take them back to California for a long visit. Here they are watching Preston teach Hyrum some black belt skills! Preston and Hyrum were so funny to watch! Ephrum was wanting to get in to the action and Pyper was dancing around in the new dress Great Grandpa Sargentini had sent out to her.

Then we went out and had somores!

Just look at those cheeks on Ephrum! He is enjoying his treat!

End of June- Laura and her kids visit Utah

They slept in these "tents" made with blankets and chairs in our basement. All of the kids are in the tents so you can't see them! We went to the Nisson Park and played in the ditch. Pyper fell head over hills for Rowen! These two were so cute together!

Ellie hung out with us looking a lot like this most of the time.

Played in the red dirt (aka mud) in Grumpy and Mam's back yard.

Sam really got in to it!

His mom though it was great!It was fun to sit and watch the kids. They got in to a big water fight. That is never a big deal because it is so hot there, you dry in no time.Pyper made good use of her water balloons!

Mamah even got in to the water fight and sprayed everyone, even Ellie! That was mean!

It's always nice sittin on the swing with grumpy! Hank is just laughing!

Some of Ellie's May visitors

MaMaw stayed with us for a little while. Since Ellie was 2 weeks late, my mom was here hanging out like the rest of us waiting for her to come so she could take care of us. Here she is on her last day here. She left a bit early this time to be home with my dad. He was diagnosed with prostate cancer and some clogged arteries in his neck. We sure do love her and are always sad when it's time for her to go home!

Grandma Patsi Grandpa Doug

Grumpy, Mam and Kail with the kids.

My brother Nathan tired from the drive.

Paige and Grayson stopped in for a wonderful visit! (Man, do they get cuter then Grayson!) Paige even helped me put together a bookshelf. I sure do love all of my family.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

So long Trail Blazer!

Yes, I sold my Trail Blazer. Bitter/sweet. It was very good to me these last 7 and 1/2 years. But when Ellie came it no longer fit all of us. So it's hello Yukon!

Two week old Ellie