Thursday, August 27, 2009


I am a morning person. I don't know about the rest of you moms but by the time 6:00 rolls around I am spent for the day. I can't remember anything I am told and anything I try to do after 6:00 p.m. takes me twice as long and never works right. If I just wait till the next morning it's all easy and takes no time at all. This is why I am a bad tooth fairy.
A couple weeks ago Riley lost another tooth. Jon use to be the tooth fairy. He even enjoyed it. But the last little while it has been me. (not sure how that happened) Anyhooo... The tooth fairy forgot to get Riley's tooths 4 nights in a row. Then just the other day Preston lost a tooth. The tooth fairy forgot just one night and this is the conversation had at our house:
Riley: Our tooth fairy always forgets!
Preston: Is our tooth fairy a girl?
Riley: Yes, she is.
Preston: I wonder why she forgets.
Riley (in a loud disgusted tone): OUR TOOTH FAIRY IS A RIP OFF!
Mom: (A little defensive) I will call Aunt Laura and see if she can get us the tooth fairy's email and perhaps we can ask for a new one.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Grandma Jones turns 80!

This past weekend we went to Idaho Falls to help celebrate this wonderful woman! It was a great get together with all of Jon's mom's side of the family. This is one of the cutest 2nd cousins out there! Grant was enjoying the BBQ!
Jon grew up shooting in the fields behind Grandma Jones house. Here he is sharing the tradition with Preston.
My great friends Starr and Matt also live up in Idaho Falls. They let us stay with them. I can't believe I left with out a picture of them. Starr and I went out to an awesome dinner and chatted about old times. I sure wish she lived closer.

A great birthday party for Don!

My brother in law Don turned 40! His wife Holly threw him a great party to celebrate. We were sent in groups to go on a digital photo scavenger hunt. Josh and Paige were in a group with Jon and I. Holly put together a list and rules to follow while out and about getting our photos. Here are some examples of tasks/pictures we had to take:
* Take a picture of the best place to relax.
*Take a photo of a team member with an elderly person.
* Snap a picture of the best place to propose. *Take a picture of the best place to cool off. * Take a picture of your team going down a slide.
We had 12 pictures we had to get with in one hour. Holly had a point system set up. I hope all of you find the humor of the proposal picture. It won our team the most creative overall points. We won the scavenger hunt! We had a great time. Thank you Holly and Don, you guys are always a blast!

August 13th - Happy Birthday Jon!!

Jon wanted pizza for his birthday dinner and cookie dough instead of a cake. Here he is thinking and wishing before he blew his candle out.The birthday gift was a little lab/golden retriever mix puppy. I thought I would give in and let Jon have the perfect gift. At first he was very surprised and so happy. But, It was not so perfect after all. We were not ready for a dog of any kind. I did not know what I was getting us into. Now she lives next door with her new 8 year old golden retriever friend Missy. They named her Zoe. She is much happier with a fence and a playmate. The kids still get to play with her when ever they want. It turned out okay after all. August 13th is also the Riley and Preston's Mom in Heaven's birthday. They each wrote Heidi a letter and tied it to a balloon and let it fly up and away.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Kindergarten is finally here for Preston

Because we have year round school, Riley started school on the 27th of July and Preston started Kindergarten on the 4th of August. Right smack dab in the middle of summer. Riley has taken Preston and Jackson under her wing and showed them the ropes. Preston told me his favorite part of school is recess and the bus. Riley taught the boys how to lift their legs and lean with the bus as it turns. I don't have Riley on her fist day of 4th grade because of a misunderstanding (on my part) and we had to leave early for school and I totally spaced it.
I have another picture just like this one of these two boys on their first day to pre-school. How time flys!

July 24th, Pioneer Day

We went to Debra & Jason Raymond's house to celebrate Pioneer Day. Grandma Katie, Aunt Lacie and her two boys Hyrum and Efrum were visiting from California. Here are all of the Grandchildren from the Raymond/Drew side of the family.
What a cute little pilgrim girl!
Preston sporting his Mohawk.
Riley and Grandma Katie being silly.

The 2nd Lake Powell trip.... Where we all got sick!

Preston, Riley and Pyper. My three fish. Glenn, Riley and Preston love boat rides.
Riley doing a little cliff jumping.
Preston taking his turn.
Beautiful Riley

July 17th, Pyper's 1st Birthday while at the Lake

Fun Pictures from July 8th & 9th

We have a new reservoir just blocks from our house. The kids love it!
Pyper thinks the dish washer is one of her toys.
Aunt Alisha and her girls came by for a visit. Pyper loves her!

July 4th 2009

Riley’s cousin, Gavin helping her light a firework.
Preston, Carrie, Megan and Brice enjoying sparklers.
Gavin’s birthday is the 3rd. We got to help celebrate it with him on the 4th.
We had a lot of these strobe and bright fire works. The kids loved dancing and watching their shadow on the white fence.
All of us watching the fireworks. It was a fun show!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Palmers on Parade

This is the Riverton Independence Parade that happens on July 3rd (I don’t know why). We were in it with one of the companies Jon works with; Legacy Legal. The kids told me many times that they wish they were in the parade. So, when we were invited we went. Even though Jon and I had plans for our anniversary.

Our float did not throw candy we sprayed you with water!

Above you will see attractive parade goers.

Pyper in the spirit of the Independence Celebration!