Monday, May 30, 2011

Ellie Lynn Palmer - Born 13 days late

Ellie Lynn Palmer

Born May 18th

7 lbs 4 oz

20 & 1/2 inches long

Just minutes old
Dad holding her for the first time. Some excited siblings!

Pyper calls her "My Ellie". So far she is very much in love and not mad Ellie is taking a lot of mom's time.

First time getting in the car seat going home. She is so small!

May 15th: A 2 year old with Crazy Glue

I was in my room when I heard the yelling, "Get it off of me! Get it off of me!" Pyper had gotten in to the crazy glue and painted herself on both arms and her face. Her arm was even stuck to the desk. Mama and I worked and worked to get it off of her. Found out on line finger nail polish remover is the best to do the job.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

9 Days Overdue!

Yup, I'm 9 days overdue today. I was due on the 5th of May.

Here Pyper is trying to pull the baby out of my belly.

I'm a big fat momma with a farmers tan. I'm so ready to have this baby!

May 9th- Happy 33rd to me!

My mom has been here since the due date of the baby to help out. So, guess who got a yummy birthday cake for her birthday!? Since I've been married I don't get a cake unless I make it myself. It's just not right! But, my mom was here to make it a special day for me! I even got a yummy birthday dinner!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Let's go fly a kite!

This Sunday after church the sun was warm and it was windy. Perfect to go do a little family kite flying. It just happened that the Easter Bunny left kites for the kids this year. Jon had to work today so we missed him joining us. We invited our neighbors (Rilynn’s family) to come along to the ball field with us. We had blast!

Pyper and "her Rilynn" Preston and Pyper

Riley making it happen.

I'll beat you with my teddy bear

Pyper has been in a singing class with a group of about 8 little girls ages 2-3. She was going every Monday for a half hour. It was the highlight of her week. This past Friday they did their recital. Here she is just before we left. Don't you love our lava rock wall painted white in the background! When it was Pyper's turn to sing her solo, "Me and My Teddy Bear" the little girl on the end was swinging around her bear and accidentally hit Pyper with it. Pyper stopped singing mid-song and starting hitting the little girl back with her teddy bear. Here is the picture I took of it. You can see her bear in mid-swing.
Jon got a clip of it on his cell phone. I hope it works.

She is already spoken for!

My friend Callie has a little boy named Rilynn who is 4. He and Pyper play so well together. They play house, kill monsters, play at the park, ride their scooters, and fish in the ditch. Pyper calls him "My Rilynn". Rilynn told us when they are 8 they are going to get married. I hope someday they do get married. But let's make it more like when they are 28.

(You should double click on this pictures so you can see how darn cute this boy is!)

Dancing in the kitchen with Dad

I grew up dancing in the kitchen with my dad. I loved it. Seeing this brought back old memories. It has been so nice with Jon being home more. This was Easter night and Jon was making cookie dough but had to take a quick break when a fun song came on the radio.