Monday, February 27, 2012

Dog Town Race -Washington, Utah

My mom is doing the Biggest Looser. There are 100 participants. She is on the Yellow team, The Yellow Jackets. As part of it she got/had to enter the race to get points for her team. She walked the 5K and I joined her.

We found my sister-in-law Christa just before it started. She was running the 9K.

Just before the race started, my mom with most of her team.

My mom finishing.

My Sister-in-law Shyloh, her sister Conaday, and her brother-in-law Luke ran the Half Marathon. My brother Nathan was going to run, but sprain his ankle badly. Poor guy couldn't run. Here they all are after the race.
Jon's friends ran the half marathon too. Jack's wife Shannon ran, but is not pictured here.

Jon's old friends

Here are some of Jon's old friends. The men in this picture went to high school together in Tennessee, then they all moved to Provo for school. Some of them were in Utah for a visit so we joined them and all got together at Jacks house in Hurricane.
Pictured below: Shannon, Jack, Jeremy, Angela, Caroline, Ellie, Maryann, Jon, Katrina, and Alan
It doesn't get much better for Pyper then this! Friends, Dress up, games, toys, and Butterflies!
Here's where the boys hang out. Playing legos, games and car races.
We got a hotel for the weekend. The kids loved the heated pool!

Blue and Gold

Preston recieved his Bob Cat and another helping patch for scouts. Now it's on to his wolf.

One boy got hes Arrow Of Light. There was an amazing program put on for him.

The 2nd grade school program

All of the 2nd graders at Preston's school put on a patriotic program. Preston was part of the flag ceremony in the beginning. Here he is waiting for it to start.Here he is singing Yankee Doodle Dandy. Thank goodness for Jon's Cell phone camera!

Look who took 1st Place in the Science Fair!

Riley entered the science fair and took 1st place in physical science for 6th grade! We are very proud of our oldest girl!
Below Jon is helping Riley secure the socks on her board.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

They started on our house today!!!!

SO EXCITED! In 6 months, this hole will look something like this (fliped around):

Ellie is 9 months and 3 days old

A party with some new friends

Cristen and Travis Story invited us to their house for a couples Valentine Party. It was men vs. women for most of the night. The highlight of the night was Pictionary. The men made a big comeback and won the game.
Below: Travis and Cristen Story
You can guess what team won this time.

Here is a picture of some of the girls.

This is Skyler Duckworth. He was doing a toe touch for us. He will be our new neighbor when our new house is built. Very funny guy!
Introducing the "Love Handlers!" I started this diet with these girls: Cristen, Elise, and Katie. It's called Game On. (you can google it) We are playing against 2 other teams. So far we are ahead in points. It has been a great thing for me! I've even lost some baby fat. We are having a lot of fun doing it!

A Valentine's Day to remember

It started off with Pyper helping me make special pink with love pancakes.

Pyper did not want a heart pancake. She insisted on a butterfly. I made it work. Also when the kids were making their hands in to hearts for this picture she made a butterfly instead. She has her own little mind there.

Ellie gave me this little gift for Valentines day:

I did this special heart hair do for Pyper.

At Riley's middle school you can purchase kisses for your kids. They are delivered by the high school school student body pres. I ordered 9 for her.

Jon got the girls chocolate flowers and Preston a special Valentine cookie. I got them a little treat with a baloon.

I gave Jon a big bag of Rollo's with a silly poem and a baloon. Part of it said, "I like the way you Roll." He gave me this yummy box of Sherrie's Berries. We went out for a yummy dinner at the Sage Brush Grill in Monroe.

A Valentine letter from a friend to Preston

Feb 1st 2012: 1 YEAR IN REDMOND!!!

We moved down to Redmond from Herriman on the 1st of February 2011. Jon Started his new job as a police officer for the City of Salina. We had a little ice cream to celebrate!

Jan 28h:A girls night out

There is nothing like good friends. I've known Robyn and Starr since I was 19 years old. We were dating three men who were best friends. So, it was only natural that we became friends too. We may not all have the men anymore, but we still have each other! Brittany was a girl I went to high school with. She and I worked together with Starr at Day Spring Mont. School when I was in my early 20's, and became good friends. We had so much fun that night. We laughed so hard!
Robyn, Maryann, Starr, Brittany & the back of Ellie at P.F. Changs in SLC.

Jan 26th: Wecome a new member of the Family!

Penny had her baby 3 weeks early! They named him Parker.

Jan 24th:Pyper's Un-birthday at Pre-school

Soooo, Pyper was due on July 18th... but born on July 17th. Then Ellie was born on the 18th and now it get it all messed up! I wrote it wrong on this poster but did not notice it until Riley pointed it out to me days later. I love what she said when I asked her questions. You can click on the picture to enlarge it.
After I finished this poster, I pointed to it and said she could tell her class who they were. She said to me, "I am a fake sister." Huh?? I was lost, what is she talking about? So, I kept asking her questions. In a nut shell she told me I am also Preston and Riley's "fake mom.” She also got it in her head that Jon is her “fake dad.” When Jon and I asked more about this, she said that her read dad is in a picture with me at Grandma Patsi’s house on the wall. Jon and I tried to explain things a little better… I told Preston to quit telling her stuff that she was just too young to get it all tat this point. Geesh! She would not let it go that Jon was her “fake Dad.” Later she asked him to make her some hot chocolate. He told her since he was her fake dad that he only knew how to make fake hot chocolate. So he pretended to make it in the air. It’s all sorta funny.

More tid-bits about Pyper: I Played Chutes and Ladders with Pyper one morning. I got sick of trying to convince her that the slides were not our goal. Now she is plays her own version of the game. I will just stick to Candy Land for a while.
Pyper was getting into our bed night after night. One night She told Jon he has bad breath and to turn over! He does not move. She then yells at him to stop blowing wind out of his mouth! Even at 2 A.M. that was funny!

Jan 23rd 2012: Some Snow!

It's been a dry year here in Utah so, we enjoy the snow when we get it!

Jan 14-15th Weekend in S. Utah

My friend (and step cousin) Richard Blackmoore and his band were preforming at an 80's party down in St.George. A lot of my old friends were there. We had a great time dancing the night away. Life goes by so fast. It is so wonderful that we have good people around us to enjoy it!
Below: Maryann, Jennifer Mikkelson Moss, & Robyn Lee Kyle.
The next morning we headed to Zion for some hiking with Grandma Patsi Hendrickson and the Lisonbees. It was cold! Here wer are headed up to Weeping Rock.

Riley, Ashley, Preston, Emily, Ryan & Pyper at Weeping Rock.

The sun did come out and it was a wonderful day. We enjoyed sack lunches.

Here are two of my favorite girls on the trail: Riley and Ashley.

A pregnant Penny and Greg joined us along with their boys. We can't all be together and not play games!

Riley and Ashley playing a game.

It was a big cousin sleep over in Grandpa & Grandma's basement. Pyper and Emily fell asleep first.

Ryan was asleep but it seems his partner in crime was still awake and up for a joke!