Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Jazz vs Hawks

I had not been to a Jazz game since before Dana died. I had forgotten how exciting the energy is there. My brother Nathan and his wife Shyloh wanted to come up for a game and Jon got us some great seats on the 12th row center court. We had a blast! Thank you Aunt Paige for watching Preston and Riley for us. I fed the kids before we dropped them off. Paige said they still ate a lot of food. Preston told her "My mom made something gross for dinner." Oh, the love!

Pyper was so good. I think she was really enjoying all the people and the attention she was getting. I don't think it would have been as fun if she wasn't there!

She really got in to the game. She wanted to know everything about her new favorite team.

This was one of my favorite parts of the game. Jon got me a gallon of ice cream in this waffle cone. It was bad though when Smith Pushed Harpring. We heard his head hit the floor and saw it bounce. We were glad that Smith was kicked out.

Preston, Preston

Preston went with his class on a field trip to Pet Smart yesterday. It was very fun for him to see all the animals. They even got to see an x-ray of a puppy in her momma’s belly. Here he is in front of the Pet Hotel. He was very excited to see the big dog.

Pyper, Pyper

This is Pyper on her 7 month birthday. We were ready to go outside.

Whenever I change Pyper's clothes her toes go right to her mouth. So cute!

Riley, Riley...

I think Jon and I may be in some big trouble when this sweet thing gets older. Riley has been telling me about a boy in her class that she ‘likes’. He is very cute and sweet. He is always nice to her, always wants her to play kick ball, and even gave her his jacket in class when she was cold a couple weeks ago. On Friday Riley was having a bad day. This boy saw this and left her a note to meet him outside during lunch recess. At recess she asks him why he needed to talk to her. He says he thought she should know that he loves her. She tells him I love you too, because as she put it to me “because I do.” I think this is so cute! But, she is in 3rd GRADE! I didn’t think this stuff started happening until 6th grade. I told her I thought it was very sweet, but she needed to let him know her mom said she was too young to have a boyfriend, that they could be friends. She told him yesterday. She asked if she should tell her dad. I said I didn’t know because he might shoot him (jokingly of course… well sorta).

Thursday, February 12, 2009

There is a plan.

On Wednesday night Riley was doing dishes, Jon was at the counter cleaning a gun, Preston was clearing the table and I was folding clothes. Riley all the sudden says, “Mom, I have a question.” I say okay what’s up. She said, “What if there is not a Heaven? Do you know there is a Heaven? What if there’s not?” I told her that I know in my heart that there is a heaven. We went on to talk about faith and God. We talked about the pre-existence, the war in Heaven and our purpose here in life. We even talked about Hell. She and Preston wanted to know where Heaven was and what was it like there. Jon and I each said what we thought it was like. Riley asked if the spirits of the people we know were right around us. Jon said he thought they were too busy to hang out with us. I told her I thought for sure her mom came down to check on them to make sure they were making good choices and to make sure I was taking good care of them. She asked if I felt Dana around me. I told her the truth. That Dana had not been around for a long time because her dad took such good care of me and makes me happy all of the time. I told her I thought when her dad got to Heaven that Dana would walk up to her dad and thank him for taking care of me and making me so happy. She looked at me and said, “My mom will thank you too.”

Around and around the Palmer house

Alanna came over last night and played patty cake with Pyper
I get one morning a week to sleep in. This is usually what happens on that morning.
A sight I love to see is my family all playing together.
Pyper got a new bath seat. Preston kept asking to have a bath with her. Here they are having a bath together for the first time. Preston better watch out or Pyper will get his boat!
Here is a video of Pyper in her bath seat for the first time. She loves to splash!