Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Our house as it stands today:

The Front:From side corner:Mid-rear. You can see they are building the walls.The back patio:

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Daddy Daughter Date

For activity days they had a fun daddy daughter date. The girls left the room while the dads decorated a cake. They girls had to come back in and guess what cake was their dads. Riley said she did not guess the correct cake, but they had a good time!

Why crawl when you can just hold me!!??

Yup, this is what happens when I try to get Ellie to crawl. This was taken today. She is 10 months and 5 days old. She could care less about trying to crawl. She will roll a little bit. I will just leave the room and let her have time on the floor like this. (she does not always cry)
I know all kids are different, but it's funny because Pyper was walking at 11 months old. I think it's great that my last baby is taking her time growing up.

A new Police Truck for Jon!

Preston was checking it out.

St. Patrick's Day

Some naughty leprechauns came and did some naughty things at our house again this year! Here is just a taste:
This was Preston's favorite thing they did.
One of the leprechauns went potty in the old basement bathroom downstairs! He even left his foot prints! It was nice that they left these chocolate gold coins every where. It took the kids the whole day to find them all.
This is my favorite leprechaun! (and the cutest too!)

March 17th: look who's 10 months old!

March 15th: Remembering a mom lost

Riley and Preston's mom passed away 6 years ago this day. Riley was 5 and Preston was 2 when she passed. To remember her, they each wrote her a note and tied it to a balloon and let them make there way to her. I try to make it as positive as I can.. but it's just really not fair that kids have to grow up with our their mom. It was a sad day, especially for little Riley.

Preston shared his letter with me. It says, "I love you so much. I hope you have a good birthday mom. I hope you get this message. I love you so much. I wish you could see me. Here's a crossword puzzle and a maze."
So Heidi could have a little fun Preston added two activities for her to do. The word find has the words; love, smile and kiss for her to find. What a sweet boy.

March 14th- Ellie

Ellie enjoying some homemade baby food.


Jon and I are the Wolf Scout Leaders. We only have Preston and one other boy at this time. We were passing off the flag requirements. Jon was teaching the boys how to fold the flag correctly. Jon showed them how to do it just right. He made them really work at it.
Preston and Wyatt did it!
I also like that these pictures show our front room of the house we are renting. It has a wall of lava rock painted white.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

March 5th- Progress on the Salina House!!

We are so excited our house is on it's way! We do a drive by almost every day!

Happy Birthday Grandma Moser!

It was also Terry's birthday on March 4th. The Beesley's and our family took her out for a birthday dinner. Preston is doing double rabbit ears and Sofie can't wait to get her hands on that cheese cake!

March 4th Trevin's Blessing

Holly holding the Blessing Boy. Pam holding Ellie. Maryann sitting with Grandma Patsi.

Leap Year Day

Pyper and her friend Myla helped me make a fun Leap Year treat. These were waiting for Riley and Preston for their after school snack.
Pyper enjoyed hers too!

Feb 28th A snow morning with Pyper

Holding hands with the snow man.
A little snow angle.