Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Aug, 2010. This boy loves legos!

While Grandma Katie was here. She let Preston pick out his birthday gift early. He spent so much time looking at the instruction book and doing a great job!

Aug 16th & 17th Back to school!

Riley on her first day at school.Preston just before we left for his first day of school. He started a day after Riley.Riley, Pyper and Preston. Don't you love Pyper's morning hair?!

Aug 15th - We meet a new member of the family

My brother David and his wife Christa had their third child Hank! Another cute Kirkland!

Above: Annie, James, Christa and Hank!

Aug 14th -Riley's summer recital

Here is Riley's cheering section for the recital.
Pyper showing her daddy some love. I can sure see it in their faces.This is just before they started. Cute Girl!
Her Solo!
Here are the three girls in her preforming group.
Carrie, Katie and Penny just after the show.

Aug 12th Stansberry Park

My Friend Joy invited us out to spend the day by her house in Stansberry Park. It was beautiful! The kids had a blast swimming, catching blue gill, and canoeing. I loved visiting with my old friend. It was a wonderful summer day. The kids started school the next week.Riley found a spot to sit down.Pyper is touching the fish.
Preston on a ride.
Riley with Pyer and friends.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Aug 10th Grandma Moser With Riley and Pyper

Aug 9th-Wiggle races for family home evening

The race is on. Jon vs. Riley
What's this! There are cheaters here!
Mom helping Pyper against Preston
Preston Vs. Riley. This did not end well to be honest. Preston kept cheating and Riley got mad. Family home evening was then over.