Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Pyper is 2!

Here she is! Our not so terrible two year old.
Megan is Pyper's cousin. She is just 3 weeks older then Pyper. So the aunts put a little family birthday party together. Thanks Kari and Alicia for helping it be so fun!We are singing Happy Birthday to the girls. They had no problem blowing out the candles.
Pyper is telling us she is "two".
Riley with her Uncle Troy and Uncle Brian.

Opening gifts.
Pyper is wondering if that is all the gifts or if there are more?
Then we did a pinata! It was fun! Lots of goodies inside.
Jon and Preston just playing around.
Preston, Pyper and Riley showing off some of their pinata loot. I love this shot!


Deborah Raymond said...

2!!? Time flies (when they are not my children. lol)

dreamer124 said...

Just found this while searching blogger--my little grandbaby is named Pyper also. She is just 6 months old and I just adore her. Your little on is very cute as well, I am looking forward to enjoying so many birthdays ahead with her too. My maiden name is Pyper spelled with a "y" and that is why they named her Pyper. Enjoy your ittle one and hope she has a charmed and sweet life.

Dea Pyper Pearce