Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Mid June in Tacoma

While the two older kids were in California with Grandma. Pyper and I flew to Tacoma to visit my sister Laura and my mom (who was also visiting my sister). We had a wonderful trip!
Rowen and Pyper feeding the ducks.
Pyper picks flowers for people. Soooo cute!

Laura and Rowen
We played a lot of Scrabble... I even won a game! (Laura, Rowen, Pyper and my mom Kay)
The kids and I went down to the beach on the one warm day I there. (Rowen, Sam, Pyper and Campbell)
Pyper and her nifty rock with barnacles on it.
Waiting for the train to go by so we can cross.
Aunt Laura painting nails. Pyper loves her "pretties!"
She could not stop looking at them and showing them to other people.
Laura, Maryann and Mom (Kay)

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