Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Lake Powell mid-July

All of the Hendrickson Grandchildren made it to the Lake this year.
One of the highlights of this trip wast the big banner slip and slide Don brought for all to play on.
Preston having a blast! Riley's face says it all! Preston is right behind her. I went down a few times. I hit my bum on a rock and got the ugliest bruise I've ever had.
Lots of digging and making pools in the sand.
Riley tried the new kids double skis behind the jet ski. Didn't work. Next time it will have to be behind the boat.
Another high light were the 2 new tubes.
I held Grayson and Jon held Pyper. Pyper was done after a while but Grayson told me "more". as they were stopping.
Preston, Paul, Hunter and Chad all playing UNO. The boys all played so well together. Zoe came over from her trailer to visit Pyper at our trailer. I snapped this shot of them just jibber jabbering to each other. SO CUTE!


JanuskieZ said...
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Utley Family said...

I can't believe how big your kids have grown...especially your baby who isn't a baby anymore! I miss you guys!