Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My 32nd Birthday

This year my birthday was on Mothers day. A couple of nights before my friend Sarah set up a girls night out in honor of my birthday. When we came home this huge display was in front of my door. Later I found out I was not the only one that was hit by such displays. Two of my other friends joined me as we found out who the “decorators” were and did some pay back. It was all good fun.
The night of my birthday and mothers day I was climbing in to bed. Jon asked me sincerely if my birthday had been okay. I let him know it was fine but a little bit of a let down because my family had not sang to me and I did not get to blow out any candles. It was not big deal. The next thing I know, Jon comes in with a clothes pin holding a lit candle singing Happy Birthday to me. I blew it out and made my wish. What a sweet man I am so blessed to have in my life. Little things like this make me love him so much.

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