Tuesday, January 12, 2010

October pictures

Riley & Preston
The first year they carved pumkins by them self.
Preston had a wonderful dress up birthday party.
He is now 6! Blows me away!
The 2 older kids spent a week with Grandma Katie in California. Here she is visiting our house with the Raymond cousins.
I was just about to jump in the shower when I saw that Pyper had made a mess. While quickly cleaning it up she helped herself to my shower
While the kids were in California, Pyper and I went to the pumpkin patch again with the Heaps family and Grandma Hendrickson.
She sat there with the kids and called out "Cheese!"
Zoe, Grandma Hendrickson, Pyper and Holly
Pyper and I went out to witches night.
We went to St.George and saw Kade play football. He is getting way to big. It's hard seeing him grow up so fast.
Preston, Chad and Riley
Look how big he is next to the other players his age!
We also met my sister Sharon's second baby boy Max.
We love this corn maze and pumpkin patch! The kids spent a lot of time getting just the right one.

Pyper and Alanna. Still growin!

Man I have cute kids!

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