Tuesday, January 12, 2010

December Shots

This big daddy was laying down right outside my back door. Jon took this "shot" of him. (pun intended)
Christmas morning was sooo fun!
The kids were playing "night, night" with Pyper.
We got to stop by the Cheese factory in Bever on the way down to St.George the day after Christmas. Yum Yum! We got this picture of Riley because she is doing a report on Bever County when school starts back up.
We got to see our newest member of the family. Kaeldon came three weeks early. We are so happy for Nathan and Shyloh. They waited a long time to get this little one.

Footy P.J.'s: Santa brought Preson some, Grandma Moser got Riley some, and it's all Pyper puts on at night. Riley said I had to get this picture of them all together in them. She was right!


The Talley's said...

I love the updates!!! When are we going to get together!!!???

Sarah said...

I love all of the pj's! You need to get Preston some of the pink bunny ones next year :)