Sunday, November 15, 2009

Out of the mouth of Preston

I have to catch up on so much blogging (this is the way I scrap book). But, I just wanted to write about some things Preston said to me. A couple of weeks ago I was feeding Preston at the bar. I don't remember what I did or said but, he did not like it. He told me, "Mom, when you do that it Pisses me out!" I thought Oh No! I let him know that "piss or pisses" is not okay to say. It brought it to my attention that I should not say it myself. I did not know how ugly it sounded until my 6 year old said it.
Just last night Riley, Preston, and I were snuggling on my bed watching America's Funniest Videos. Jon came in and laid down on the other side of Riley. (I was in the middle of the kids) Riley let go of me and snuggled up to Jon. I teased about always being ditched when dad comes in the room. Preston said to me that he would never do that. That he would always snuggle to me even when he grew up and got married. Oh, if only that were true!
This picture of Preston was taken when he was still 2. Time goes by way too fast!

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Plain Jame said...

He's a stud muffin that one. I love him. Anni still wonders if she'll grow up to marry him. He is after all her first kiss. ha!

autumntime said...

oh FUNNY! Kids say the funniest things, and it is great that you are writing them down! Hope all is well!

Chris and Lynsey Williamson said...

How funny is that! Those kids are growing up so fast - and Preston is such a sweet heart!!
Hope you are all doing well!