Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Much needed break in St.George

The kids are off track almost this whole month. Jon is working during the day and doing police school Monday through Friday 5:00 PM to 10:00 Pm and on Saturdays 7:00 AM to 8:00 Pm. So there was nothing stopping us from jumping in to the Tail Blazer and going down to Southern Utah. I am so glad we did. The weather was so nice and the air was clean. Our air here in the Salt Lake Valley is the worst in the nation. BLAH! I took the kids to "the crack" up on the Red Hill by the DIXIE painted up on the red rock. They thought it was "awesome!" Pyper was even in to it. I put her between Riley and I. We helped her up the hard parts but, she did the rest. She was fearless! That afternoon we went to the Washington City rec center Pool and then to an ice cream party at my friend J'nel's house after a yummy dinner at my moms. The kids told me it was the "best day ever!" I have to agree it was up there! The next day we went to the bike/walking trail in Bloomington Hills. Pyper did not want to stay in the stroller. She wanted to walk all by herself with no one holding her hand. That afternoon we went to the Toquerville Park and had some fun with Grandma Hendrickson and the Lisonbee cousins. I got to go to my favorite Greek place, Pasta factory and Cafe Rio while we were down there. I was one happy momma!

Preston said, "Look mom it's a huge linkon log!"


Cory Reese said...

Those are great pictures! We miss hanging out with you!

Us said...

you are brave, I won't even go in the crack, I am a wuss. Emilee

Diana Barlow Blaser said...

You are a fun mom! Cute pictures!