Friday, October 21, 2011

Aug 20th- Fish Lake Day Trip

This was the last Saturday before school started. We went up to visit my brother David and his family while they were staying in a cabin by Fish Lake. We fished at this private stocked pond with them. It was so beautiful!
Below is Preston Fishing.
Pyper and Riley fishing off this dock. (This is the dock Preston fell off of)
David, Annie and James fishing off the bench.
I noted before that Preston fell off the dock. The story is this; My brother David threw fish food in to the water to show the kids there were a ton of fish jumping to get the food. Preston got so excited and tried to cast his pole out and threw himself off the dock. Thank goodness Jon was right there and grabbed him by the arm and brought him out of the water. Preston had gone all the way under. So in the picture below he is in my hoody and Aunt Christa's pants. He still has on his winning smile!Pyper said, "This is where Tinker Bell lives!" She also thinks The Little Mermaid lives in Fish Lake. My kids loved hiking around this beautiful place and so did I! Below is Christa, James, Hank and Annie. My brother's good lookin family!
James, Christa, Hank, Annie, Riley and Preston.
On one of the bridges over a stream leading to the lake. BEAUTIFUL!
Cute kids in the back of the car! James, Annie, Pyper, Preston, Riley and Hank in the front.

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