Friday, October 21, 2011

Aug 7th, A Name and A Blessing

So many wonderful friends and family came to support and show their love for Ellie and our family. We had the blessing at 9:00 on Sunday morning. Grandpa Douglas Hendrickson preformed the blessing. We had brunch at the park across the street from our home after the blessing. It was a wonderful time. I wish I would have taken pictures of all our group.
Ellie Lynn Palmer
We bless you with strength of body and with knowledge, also of the love of your parents and of your brother and sisters.
We bless you with a desire to do the right thing as a daughter of God. Be a good example to others around you.
We bless you with the ability to sway people’s hearts to do good and be Christ like and as wonderful as you are.
We bless you to have the mental capacity and ability to grow and learn and help your family grow closer to the Lord.
We bless you with the desire to be active in your community and be the wonderful little girl you want to be.

My sister Sarah made another cute little blessing bonnet that turns in to a hanky for when she get married. What a wonderful keep sake. Ellie shared Pyper's blessing dress. I hope they will share it with their daughters like Riley's mom in Heaven shared hers with Riley.

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