Sunday, August 2, 2009

Palmers on Parade

This is the Riverton Independence Parade that happens on July 3rd (I don’t know why). We were in it with one of the companies Jon works with; Legacy Legal. The kids told me many times that they wish they were in the parade. So, when we were invited we went. Even though Jon and I had plans for our anniversary.

Our float did not throw candy we sprayed you with water!

Above you will see attractive parade goers.

Pyper in the spirit of the Independence Celebration!


Lynsey said...

How fun! I bet the kids loved that. Look at what great parents you are, giving up your anniversary plans for you children. Happy anniversary btw!!

Sarah said...

That is the best pictures of Pyper! I love the hairdo and face paint! I'm glad you have pics b/c we didn't get to see you very close up. Adios to Preston's mohawk!