Friday, August 21, 2009

August 13th - Happy Birthday Jon!!

Jon wanted pizza for his birthday dinner and cookie dough instead of a cake. Here he is thinking and wishing before he blew his candle out.The birthday gift was a little lab/golden retriever mix puppy. I thought I would give in and let Jon have the perfect gift. At first he was very surprised and so happy. But, It was not so perfect after all. We were not ready for a dog of any kind. I did not know what I was getting us into. Now she lives next door with her new 8 year old golden retriever friend Missy. They named her Zoe. She is much happier with a fence and a playmate. The kids still get to play with her when ever they want. It turned out okay after all. August 13th is also the Riley and Preston's Mom in Heaven's birthday. They each wrote Heidi a letter and tied it to a balloon and let it fly up and away.

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