Friday, August 21, 2009

A great birthday party for Don!

My brother in law Don turned 40! His wife Holly threw him a great party to celebrate. We were sent in groups to go on a digital photo scavenger hunt. Josh and Paige were in a group with Jon and I. Holly put together a list and rules to follow while out and about getting our photos. Here are some examples of tasks/pictures we had to take:
* Take a picture of the best place to relax.
*Take a photo of a team member with an elderly person.
* Snap a picture of the best place to propose. *Take a picture of the best place to cool off. * Take a picture of your team going down a slide.
We had 12 pictures we had to get with in one hour. Holly had a point system set up. I hope all of you find the humor of the proposal picture. It won our team the most creative overall points. We won the scavenger hunt! We had a great time. Thank you Holly and Don, you guys are always a blast!