Monday, April 4, 2011

March 27th - A fun Sunday

I know you all think you have the cutest kids in the world, but come on! Look at these three good lookin kids! Just before church on the front porch of our "new" house. Jon's sister and her family were on their way back from St.George and made a stop to see us. They have 3 beautiful little girls. Here are all of the kids on the top bunk. We loved the visit!


Penny said...

Maryann - I can't believe how old Pyper looks in those photos before church! It looks like your family is doing great. See you this weekend.

Justin said...

Who replaced Pyper with that big beautiful girl with long hair? She is getting SO big! Darling Pic of all the kids!

Justin said...

BTW it's me Tam and not Justin making creepy comments about your kids. LOL.