Sunday, April 24, 2011

April 8th Girls Night Out in SLC

Every time I go back up north I always want to go on a girls night out with my old neighbor friends. We did this one in honor of Rebecca. She is having her first baby boy the end of May. It was a great time as always with these girls. I am always laughing with them!
P.S. I am huge! Check out the nose on me... geesh!

in shot: myself, Cami, Jamie, Tammy, Rebecca, and Sarah.

Some of them also spoiled me with gifts. Sarah made me a beautiful car seat cover. Three of the girls gave me a little box full of things. Some of them are displayed below. Two of them are self explanatory. The "future sister wife" one is because some of us watch the show sister wives and my grandpa was a plig. Also, Jon and I sorta joke around that I have a sister wife in heaven. It's all in good fun. Please no one get offended.

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Penny said...

I love the pink one!