Monday, April 4, 2011

B.B.Q at the Mikkelson's

Pyper and I went down to Southern Utah to see family, go to the Mikkelson's B.B.Q. and see old friends. (Jon had the day off, the older kids were in school and then doing BMX racing. So they stayed behind) The weather was so nice! It was in the 80's the two days we were down there. I needed the sun so badly. I enjoyed sitting in my parents back yard enjoying it all with my family. It was nice to have a girls night out with Patsi and Pam. I am so lucky to have so much great family. I'm spoiled really!
Jeff, Jonie, Richard & kids Starr with her cute boys.The guys shooting the breeze.The Mikkelson's had many birthdays to celebrate. After the candles were blown out I heard everyone laughing. I looked to see what was going on and Pyper was helping herself to the cake. Yup! That's my girl! Matt & Jeff with their dogs.

Starr, Parker, Me and Deann. I'll be honest. I've been avoiding this side of the camera. I am 35 weeks pregnant in this shot. My whole body/face is so BIG! Only a month to go and I will start to down size.

At the end of the night it's always nice to snuggle with a grandma.

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Deborah Raymond said...

Pyper was just claiming her piece. So cute!