Saturday, August 7, 2010

Heaps Cabin Camping

Holly invited us up to her family cabin to camp on their property along with the other Hendricksons. Jon dropped us off with the trailer on Thursday and went back down the mountain to work. He came back up Friday night and took us back home Saturday. We really enjoy the beauty and fun we have while there. It’s nice to get out of the heat. We went hiking at Mirror Lake this trip. It was gorgeous! Lots of flowers. We played lots of games, ate smores and just enjoyed each others food and company.
Glenn and Preston rowing on the pond.
Riley and James in the boat.
Pyper posed for Holly with her flowers.
On the trail at Mirror Lake.
Lots of kids to keep track of.
Zoe, Glenn, Haily, Hunter, James, Grayson, Riley, Preston, Pyper and Joesph.
For a while now Pyper has been putting her hands up by her face when I ask her to smile. Just as she is doing below. I did not know why she was doing this for my pictures. I went to part of her nursery class in primary last Sunday. They sang the turn the frown upside down song. As the teacher said "smile" she would put her hands up to her face like this. So, now I understand, Pyper is just copying her teacher.
Paige's little boy Grayson came up to me just like this and asked me for some candy. Paige had promised him if he posed for some pictures she would give him candy. "Do you have candy Meann?"
Group shot. Don took the picture. Greg, Jon, and Josh were all working.
This was a little walk we took on Saturday. Pyper and Jon are waving.

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