Saturday, August 7, 2010

A picnic at the Great Salt Lake

Jon has been working a lot and the kids start school again soon. So I planned a little family picnic at the Salt Air. The kids nor I had ever been to the G.S.L. We had driven past it but never stopped. So on this hot Saturday we hit the road to have a little picnic and dip our feet in the water.
Below are Preston and Riley at the side of the Salt Air.
The Lake is behind us. The water was very low.
Riley is my little poser.
Just inside the Great Salt Lake. They were setting up for a show tonight.
We were heading to the water. I made the kids stop for a quick picture.
Preston was fascinated by the salt crystals.
There was a big dead fish for us to look at. Preston said, "Where are the fish's eye balls?" I guessed a bird ate them. He then said, "I wish I could have seen them dead in his head."

Jon thought the water was gross. I think he thought the whole thing was gross. This is me with the kids looking back to the shore at Jon.
A quote from Riley as we were walking back, "That was cool but gross." It was a LONG, HOT walk back to the Trail Blazer.
So, we had to stop for a cool treat to make us feel better!


Hopie said...

We did that last year but didn't go to the water. There were these little gnats all over!!!!! Can you imagine how fancy that place was "back in the day"?

Chris and Lynsey Williamson said...

I just can't believe how big your kids are getting!! Everyone is growing up so fast!! So good to see some pics! Thanks for the update!