Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Jan.19th,2013 Basketball Game

You can tell she loves that I am taking her picture while the coach is talking to them.

Here Pyper is checking out Grandpa Doug's hurts on his head. Whenever Pyper sees grandparents she always talks about how they are related to us. At this game she was talking to Patsi and Doug. She told them that they were Dana's mom and dad, that Dana use to be married to me. But, one day Dana drive his jeep and it crashed. "Dana did not have his seat belt on and so he flew through the are and went splat." She did hand movements and everything. Thankfully Doug and Patsi laughed and told her she was right. OH MY! Another day Grandpa Doug came in the door to visit. Pyper went running up to him like she was going to give him a hug hello but instead said, "Grandpa take your teeth out, everyone knows they are fake."

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