Monday, September 8, 2014

Pyper turns 4!

I planned a fun birthday party for Pyper today. We invited a bunch of her little friends. Jon woke her up early this morning before he went to work so he could sing to her and wish her a happy 4th birthday. This after noon she fell asleep before the party in the living room. I thought this was great, she would be well rested and ready to party! As her friends started showing up we woke her up. She... was happy but said she was still tired... not like her. Then she looked white. I checked her head and she was hot! So sad! She was crying as I told the kids we would have to do a party later that Pyper was sick. All the little kids did not get what in the world was going on as I gave them a cup cake, a party bag and gave them back to their parents. What a let down to Pyper and all the little kids... made me cry.

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