Monday, September 8, 2014

Kirkland Family St.George Vacation Early August 2012

My sisters rented this great house through VRBO. It was a fun place to be with everyone!

It had a game room set up in the garage and this pool table in the main room.

Shyloh, Nathan & Dad just hanging out.

Jon and Darren. Something was funny!

Jon, RIley, Preston & Christa.

The pool and hot tub were awesome!

SCOOCH! This was the nick name given to Ellie. She only scooted around on her bum. Never crawled. This shows her scoot tracks from the pool to a green floaty she just had to have.

Pyper, Rowen, Carter & Kale playing in the back yard.

Pyper and Rowen.

Preston and Sam

Jon and Kay.

Terry and Blair joined us for a bit.
We had family photos done while we were there. We are missing Benny and Emily's family.

All the grandkids -Just missing Kessra.

David's Family
Sarah's Family

Laura's Family
Sharon's Family
Nathan's Family

Mom & Dad

Our Family
Jon & Maryann. They are a wonderful couple.

The cutest kids in the world!




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