Friday, April 6, 2012

The things she says....

The house we rent in is a bit older and the closet in my bedroom only fits Jon's clothes. So, I put mine in Ellie's room. (Being that Jon changes in and out of clothes at all hours of the day and night) The other morning I put Ellie down for a nap and brought my clothes for the day and put them on my bed while I took a shower. I was done, in my towel, and putting on my make-up and Jon was in the bathroom brushing his teeth. Pyper came to the bathroom door with my bra at her chest and said, “Look! I have big pribits!” (Privets) Jon and I looked at each other not quite sure how we should respond, then we looked back at her and she my bra up to her eyes, brought the bra down a bit and called out, “peek-a-boo!”
Last night Jon was doing a lay out of our property/new house for the sprinkler system. I noticed a 60x65 live stalk pin. I let him know this would not be happening! So, it turned in to a family discussion on how the kids and Jon would take care of the sheep, chickens, dogs, bunnies, and all other animals desired by my husband and children. It was my family against me! It was my turn to say family prayer and I thanked God for all the animals and how we could admire them without owning them. While I was saying this I heard Pyper say, “Just one chick!” in a desperate whisper. I look up and see these big blue eyes pleading with me, and then she whispered, “And, just one bunny!”

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