Saturday, April 7, 2012

Best Easter Hunt/Games EVER!

Okay, I think I fell in love with Redmond this weekend! This was the best Easter celebration I had ever been too! So small town and so wonderful! This was held in the foot hill of Redmond. We are going to come back every year even if we live in Salina!
Here is Riley running for some eggs! They hid some easy for the little kids, but the big kids had to hike up the hill!

A parents view:

Preston feels like he is king of the Easter hunt!
The view from the top of the hill. Pyper insisted I take her up to look for more eggs.
Ellie hung out with my friend Gretchen a lot of the time.
This is Pyper in the running race for her age. She is telling me she is not going to run because she has her boots on and not her shoes. She walked the whole way.
Riley is running it!
Another fun race with the eggs on the spoons.
Riley kicked some butt at this game!
Another fun game. Here Preston is with his friend Kian.
Riley and Andrick
I played the egg tossing game with my friend Gretchen. We did pretty well!
It did happen to break on me, but I made sure and shared it with a hug!

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Sarah said...

That does look likes lots of fun - kind of like your old backyard! I love that pic of Ellie - she is such a doll!