Monday, December 20, 2010

Thanksgiving in Southern Utah

We had a blast (a warm one) while at my mom and dad's for Thanksgiving!
Here is Jon with my brother's David and Nathan. They were frying the turkey.
Thanksgiving morning all of the leaves had fallen from the trees. This made for hours of fun!
Annie, Max, Keal & Preston
Jon is totally getting my sister Sharon with leaves. Preston is going to get him, just look out!
My sister-in-law Christa holding baby Hank.
The bunch of us having a great time.
Pyper is after me!
Our family. Remember I am a little chubby because I am over 4 months pregnant.
They raked the leaves in to a big pile and the kids all jumped off the brick wall in to them.
Preston's cool jump!
Riley is at it!
Annie looks so cute. James is getting help from his dad.Another one of RileyPyper having her mom help.James, Riley, Annie, Carter and Pyper. They are all sitting in the swing Dana built for my Dad the fathers day before he (Dana) passed away.Riley had my camera and took this sweet shot!
Thanksgiving Dinner!

The next day Carter came in to the bathroom while I was putting on make up. He wanted a little on him, so I helped him out.
On Saturday Riley went to Enterprise with Aunt Shiloh and Uncle Nathan. Preston, Pyper and I went hiking on the red hill. My kids love the red hill.

We always have to get a frozen yogurt from Dixie Nutrition. Yum!
We headed out Sunday along with all the other crazy people. It was a slow drive home in bad weather. It took us almost 10 hours with stops. Normally it takes 4. I am so glad Jon is a great and easy going driver!
In the picture below you see Riley watching a movie. Pyper had fallen asleep reading.
Here is an older couple that was pulling a camper trailer just out side of Parowan.
We are going north bound, this was on the south bound road on I-15. All of the south bound traffic had been detoured because of this overturned tanker.
This is what we saw most of the way home. No fun.

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